Our Car Rental service specializes in rentals cars equipped for Pamir gravel and highland roads. Our most popular car is the Toyota 4runner 4x4  that is engineered for comfort and off road adventure. We take pride in our business and do our absolute best in representing our country. Hire a car from us and explore what Tajikistan has to offer. Our inexpensive (cheap) rental cars will provide a safe and enjoyable experience during your travels in Tajikistan.

Price per day, October-May:

  • 01-02 days - 120 $ 

  • 03-10 days - 100 $

  • 11-15 days - 90 $ 

  • 16-29 days - 80 $

  • 30 and more - 75$


ALL cars have Insurance! Price of rent includes: 

  • FREE airport transfers 

  • FREE tour consultation where to drive.

  • FREE map of Tajikistan with advice where to travel. 

  • FREE booking of accommodation along the tour (will not make our commission)

  • FREE 24/7 telephone support (in case if you miss the road, cannot find hotel, etc.)


Additionally, a Power of Attorney is needed to hand over the car. This document costs 80$. Luckily, for several drivers, only 1 power of attorney is needed. Send us your passport copies and we will make it for you in advance.

Deposit is 1000$. If nothing happened with car – it will be give back.
All cars have insurance – it works for damages more than 1000$.
If total car crash – maximum price you pay is your deposit.
Insurance does not cover broken windows and destroyed tires.

Day limit is 250 km, extra distance 0,7 $ per 1 km


Terms of car rent without a driver:
- The age of the person renting a car has to be no less than 21 years old 
- He/ she has to provide passport and driving licenses

Use of cars:
- The mileage of the day should not exceed 250 km. In case car rent mileage will exceed this number the supplement will be 0,7 USD per km. 
- In case he/she wants to travel abroad, it is necessary to coordinate with the company.  

Delivery of cars for rent:
- Clock free shipping vehicles, including holidays and weekends.

Car Rent rates include:
- Car insurance

Payment is accepted:
- By cash
- By bank transfer      

Payment Terms:
- Making a full payment when getting a car 
- Making a guarantee deposit of 1000 $ when getting a car for rent and receiving it back when returning the car. 

Deposit can be kept in whole or partly in case of:
- If the tire was torn, or the glass broken - the amount of the damage is kept
- If the car is scratched or dented:
         for less than 500$ - held for only the amount of damage to repair
         for more than 500$ - $ 500 is held, the rest is covered by insurance
- If the car is completely broken, $ 1,000 is held, and the rest covered by insurance.

Price per day, June-September:

  • 01-02 day - 140 $ 

  • 03-10 days - 120 $ 

  • 11-20 days - 110 $

  • 21-29 days - 100 $

  • 30 and more - 90 $

Best car for Pamir roads
Toyota 4runner

          Car type: Toyota 4Runner Limited
          Color: Black
          Engine: V8  4.7L 
          Drive: 4X4
          Interior: Leather
          Music: MP3, CD, USB, Ipad port
          Rear car camera: Yes 
          Number of doors​:​ 5 
          Transmission: Automatic

          Car type: Toyota 4Runner Limited
          Color: Black
          Engine: V8  4.7L 
          Drive: 4X4
          Interior: Leather
          Music: MP3, CD, USB, Ipad port
          Rear car camera: Yes 
          Number of doors​:​ 5 
          Transmission: Automatic

        Car type: Toyota 4Runner SR5 
        Color: Black
        Engine: V6  4.0L 
        Drive: 4X4
        Interior: Velour
        Music: MP3, CD, USB, Ipad port
        Rear car camera: Yes
        Number of doors​:​ 5 ​
        Transmission: Automatic

Toyota Rav 4:
Color: Blue
Engine: 2.0L 
Drive: 4X4
Interior: Velour
Music: MP3, CD, USB

Rear car camera: No

Number of doors​:​ 5 ​        Transmission: Automatic

Hyindai Starex: Available only with driver
Color: White
Engine: 2.2L 
Drive: 2X4

Number of doors​:​ 4 ​       

Transmission: Manuel

rent a car in Tajikistan
Minivan for Pamir